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GrassRoots Crypto is a company dedicated to education to users in the crypto space. I understand how difficult it can be to find what you need to know, even with the power of google.

If you are new to the crypto space, it can be hard to get to make sense of it all. There is so much to lean, it is hard to know where to start.

GrassRoots Crypto aims to explain what you need to know using common relatable examples. Check out my video series avaliable on Youtube.

All sessions are by booking only, please contact me via Twitter/Telegram to enquire about bookings. In this modern world, training and consulting can happen in any location - just ask.

About Me

I have over 15 years experience in the IT industry, with over 3 years experience in the Blockchain / Crypto space. Over this time I have attended seminars, read books, undertaken courses and presented. Currently I am deep in the mulit-chain Defi space.

I have a very good understanding of Bitcoin, played in the Ethereum Defi space using UniSwap, Compound, mStable and Balancer and keep an eye on the industry. I started by testing THORChain’s BepSwap interface during testnet then decided to run a testnode for myself - just to lean had have some fun.

I am here to give you the information you need to know to make the best decisions for yourself.

How it all started

GrassRoots Crypto was started to educate new users to the world of Blockchain / Crypto. I understand the challenges (frustration) new people may go through when starting in the Crypto space. There is so much information out there, it is hard to know where to begin. So much new terminology/jargon!

When I started helping new people enter into Crypto, I noticed many videos used terms Crypto terminology/jargon which new people just didn’t understand.

I wanted to do something different and that’s how GrassRoots Crypto was born. My first videos were developed after the THORChain community had requested an instructional video series on THORNodes for current and new THORNode operators. This was my first time doing YouTube videos.

After learning so much, I decided to create more videos on THORChain which then evolved into explaining basic Defi concepts like Liquidity Pools for new people.

This, along with helping many new people understand and start their journey into crypto over the last 12 months has given me the purpose that is GrassRoots Crypto.


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