Below are some referral links that can be used when signing up to new services. I recommend the below services as I have used them in the past. If you use them, both of us will receive a benefit, such as $20 free BTC.


CoinSpot is an Australian Exchange and one the easiest exchanges to buy and sell Crpyto. While the fees are not the cheapest, they are the simplest to used and I would recommend to beginners. “Refer a friend to CoinSpot and you will both receive $10 worth of Bitcoin* after they complete their first AUD deposit.”

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Binance is the world’s largest exchange by market cap. They have very cheap fees a very wide range of services however they are not simplest to use. Recommended for more advanced or quick to learn users. “This link will give you 5% back on fees”

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Celsius Network

Celsius is a deposit and lending platform. They offer over 10% interest on (like a high interest account) and loans from 1%. I believe they are the future bank of the world. Highly recommended as they will give you better deposit or loan rates than any bank! “Join Celsius Network and earn $30 USD in BTC with your first transfer of $200 or more! #UnbankYourself”

Click here to join the Celsius Network. Ref code is 194223258a is similar to Celsius Network however it also has a Visa Debit Card. You can top up your card from either Crypto or another Credit/Debit card for no fees. Visa Debit Card comes with loads of benefits - recommended for all Crypto users. “Use my referral link and we both get $25 USD :)”

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