Rune Ethereum Bridge

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The Rune Bridge website does two things.

  1. It allows the BEP-2 RUNE token to move from the Binance Chain to the Ethereum chain as an ERC-20 token. See my video here for more information on BEP-2 and ERC-20 tokens.
  2. It shows 3 liquidity pools that have been created within SushiSwap that allow you to add Rune and an associated asset. See my video here for the basics on Liquidity Pools.

This video explains what has been created, shows how to move RUNE over the bridge, and then adds Rune and Ether within a liquidity pool within SushiSwap - using real funds!

As per Bitcoin_Sage’s article here, things to be Aware of:

  1. ETH.RUNE is issued and maintained by the THORChain treasury.
  2. ETH.RUNE is a transitional asset deployed to build liquidity ahead of the launch of the Ethereum Bifröst.
  3. This bridge is unavoidably centralised, but ETH.RUNE is decentralised and can be used anywhere on Ethereum.
  4. On the launch of the Ethereum Bifröst with THORChain, switch from ETH.RUNE to native THOR.RUNE.