THORChain MCCN Launch

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Hi fellow THORChads and Defi enthusiasts! It has been a while since I did a post, I have been caught up making videos, replying to YouTube comments, on the chat and doing a bit of travel.

THORChain’s Mulitchain Chaosnet has launched so I wanted to do a post about it. This is the first time ever there has been a cross chain Dex – to swap natively tokens across different blockchains. I created a number of videos on the lead up and one pre-launch with real funds, listed below, plus some other interesting articles and videos I recommend you watch to get a better understanding of THORChian. I hope you enjoy.

Official Announcement by THORChain.

A quick Guide to MCCN

What to expect in MCCN

How to access THORChain

Recorded in Testnet - will record a video for each once caps are lifted :)

Great discussion on the eve of the launch of MCCN